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torsdag 13 oktober 2016

Bob Dylan ?!

The Nobelprice is a price filled with prestige.
Economy. Medicine. And Litterature. Every year they announce someone that I never heard of!! Almost always. But the cultural elite get all wind up and celebrate with champagne and speak knowledgeable of that particular writer and how they have been looking forward to this moment!! Well, good for them. Sometimes I have actually heard the name before.
On some very rare occassion I have even read one of their books!!!
But, Bob Dylan??!!  Why? To me, he is a great singer and great poet in his lyrics, but Dylan is music!! His lyrics and songs have been a part of my teenage years and well up in my thirties. 
I don't listen so much now, but I still enjoy it when I hear one of his songs, old or new.
But Nobelprice? Hm.

One thing is for certain, I will never get it. I can, however, invite you to read my clumsy attempts on writing novels. I just completed one, half fiction, half true, about life on a retreat.
I added a dog, because of Boomer in Colorado.  I kind of promised him!
You can read my masterpieces on Novels and true stories, please do, I never have any visitors on that blog.
I wish you all a good nights sleep, here in our little village by the sea its calm but somewhat worried as well. They are closing the refugee camp and more than 240 people have to move.
Some will be sent back, but not all.  Many have become close friends with the villagers. Children are going to school.  But times they are a' changing! May there be mercy!

4 kommentarer:

  1. We are living in tragic times are we not.
    For all of these false notions of nations that the forebears of the inhabitants had somehow sprung up out of the ground. Whereas all of the people in the world had their absolute origin in the Rift Valley of Africa !

  2. The ignorance of people totally sickens me.

  3. Okay I'm heading over to the other blog!



  4. I grew up thinking that I would like Bob Dylan to be my older brother, and I think the Nobel committee went outside the box and made a brilliant choice. He is my favorite singer/songwriter/poet. Just my 2 cents worth.