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måndag 18 april 2016

A mere 1000 years - and we can be rid of it!


So we took a walk into the woods again, though the springweather actually have gone off somewhere else. England is my guess, judging from some pictures I've seen recently...
The forrest is absolutely covered with woodanemones, white mostly and still some blue ones.
The bad hip behaved very good, better than yesterday in church I'd say where I moved around like some android. Various birds are singing highpitched and shrilly, the smell of awakening is very strong indeed. Mind you, I am NOT speaking of the Force...

Pasqueflowers reaching for the sunlight that never emerged today!

Still I can't help thinking about forces able to destroy all this in an instant. This year there is one of the many commemorations that goes on in the human world;
it's thirty years since the reactor in Tjernobyl blew and we again became aware that nuclearpower may be clean but certainly not safe. Up north in our country people were talking about bequerel in the trout and in the berries and the livestock. What things were like in Ukraine no one dared to speak of. 
Earlier.when Harrisburg was on the news it felt ever so distant, and for that matter, everybody said it couldn't blow but it did.

Tjernobyl, however, was Europe and therefore a threat to civilized world! By that time we had several plants in Sweden, something that I deeply feared and opposed myself to. It was about this time of year, april 26, spring was bright and warm.  In a few days, warnings were ushered upon us, about water, food, berries and meat from northern parts of the country. The farmacies sold iodinepills in large quantities and people were scared. I studied at the university and the discussions about nuclearplants were fierce and plenty amongst students. Some young christians saw in this the divine vengeance, the environmentalists celebrated victories commenting: we told you so! Ordinary people spoke of it for quite a while, but soon it faded in favour of other catastrophies. You can't go around worrying all the time. As the years have passed we haven't given it so much thought until suddenly the plant in Fukushima was endangered and the japanese countryside restricted and infected.

And so tonight there was the first of probably many documentaries on the issue. All was brought to life again, the pictures, the panic, Moscow hoping to hide the truth, politicians addressing the population with facts that actually altered everyday because nobody really knew how dangerous the blueberries and trout would be for summers to come. Yes, the fear is quite naturally concerning your own wellbeing firstly. What will happend to us, here?
 I look forward to the documentary about Ukraine and the surrounding countries. My memory is just as blank as anyone elses, Ukraine was quite closed at the time. Russia obviously looked after the people there, mending the wounds after such a catastrophy, but I actually have no idea how it was like for them!

So, why the caption: 1000 years?   Sadly enough, there is still no final and solid solution to the waste-problem. It's contained deep in the rock. 100000 years. Now there is talk about closing plants. The scientists  are working on an attempt to reuse the waste in order to reduce the time needed for safe storage. It's down from 100000 years to a mere 1000. That is indeed good news. But it would have been easier if we needn't think about it at all. I have no solutions up my sleeve. We need energy, heating, electricity. We need it to be clean, safe and solid. And at the same time we want to protect the planet and find sustainable solutions to how we are going to keep this planet green, peaceful and safe for everyone. Food enough, clean water, clean air, I know, these are political issues as well and I am no politician but I am human and I do live here. I believe there are great thinkers and inventors that can work this out together with us common folks. I just hope and pray that will take place now, not in a 1000 years.
The remains of the Tjernobylplant and surroundings, picture from

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