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måndag 11 april 2016

Bring back the Golden Rule!


The world seem to be holding it's breath. Will there be cease-fire in Syria long enough? Will the treaty in the EU about the refugees hold? Will there be a stop to the terrordeeds all over? Will the constant flow of people taking great risks on stormy waters finally come to a halt? Will Turkey send people back to the war? Is the climatthreat really a threat and should we take serious action before it's too late??
What will happend in North Korea next time they launch something?
Will the people of USA make a sensible choice concerning the presidential post?
And will there be an honest and visible case against those UN-soldiers that behave so disgracefully among people they are set to protect?
Will the people of Fukushima ever be able to eat the fish in their own lakes?
Whatever happend to the Golden Rule?

Who knows?  So many questions and on our own local level we have other worries, not of that significance perhaps, but big enough to keep us occupied. Will there be enough nurses this summer or must they close down a ward or two again?
Is it dignified to replace actual persons watching our elders, with digital monitors?
Is it at all possible to find teachers enough for all the children who wants to go to school next term?
This was Malalas most important issue - schooling for ALL children. And even if this is a rich country with good standards we can't encourage enough young people to become nurses and teachers. We can't promise a dignified and loving care for our elders with personal choices. Are we listening to our own longing when we make those bad decisions for others? Golden rule?

Not even in this small village we are at peace with things. In the countryside, people have decadelong fights over trespassing, waterholds, fences and borders. We have people selling alcohol, cigarettes and worse to the younger teenagers, we have fathers gladly helping their underaged boys to trim up their mopeds into MC-standards. We have a nice gang of wellknown brats smashing and vandalizing whatever comes in their way on holidaynights. But you have to catch them redhanded and proove it, haven't you?

There is no such thing as the perfect solution. You have to start where you stand, with things concerning you most and people you find extremly hard to get along with. If you can mend and bend things right in your own family and neighbourhood, you are ready to take on the world, providing everybode else has done the same that is. Is the Golden rule outruled??

The Golden rule is so simple you could almost call it naive, but why complicate things?
Still, we hold our breath because there is so much in the world we can't grasp, control or even begin to understand. Things are rushing on, war is at stake everywhere, poverty still holds, the issues are far too big for us small people to handle. So let's not even try. Start where you are, nothing can damage the demolitionforces more than the simple, trusting and obvious kindness that makes us human.
Faith and hope makes us strong and evil weak.
The questions have to be asked because the answers need to be heard, otherwise we can't fight for change where it's needed and that fight is much easier if we refuse to be blindfolded by the raising amount of evil.
We ARE holding our breath, we ARE afraid and we ARE asking these worried questions but as long as we do, the Golden rule is still alive in our hearts.

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