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torsdag 7 april 2016

I beelieve in the birds and the bees

Leaves in progress
Let there be light!
The waterline is still low.
The willow is in it's absolute prime!
Goodday to you!!

Oh I know the good Lord made a beautiful job on this creation, even in these foul times life is unstoppable all over.
For my daily walk, to make the bad hip a bit stronger, I reached for the sea. As I was walking I noticed the eager activities in the bushes; the bumblebees and ordinary bees are at it again; helping the creator!
When I was a child I was absolutely terrified of bees or anything buzzing wearing stripes. To that effect that I never dressed casual in summer, shorts, t-shirts, dresses. No, long sleeves and trousers, whatever the temperature. I didn't go out much either. It didn't help a lot that my mother set of screaming high pitched every time she heard something buzzing.
I'm still a bit scared but try to stay put when they invade my plate. Second time in Greece, as I've written here, we learned that wasps are carnivores and that the cute and cuddly cheesedoodles looking things hanging around us in the woods,were actually very poisonous wasps, and so I had to make a decision. I really hate screaming and running.

Bees, on the other hand, are equally fierce when feeling threatened, but they produce honey!
And they pollinate flowers, helping them to produce fruit and vegetables. So much that farmers and greenhousefarmers can actually rent bees. Like Hertz but with bees. The truth is that our lifestyle is making it difficult for bees. They loose their huntinggrounds, they get poisoned and farmers of today has began to forget the art of culturing some plants along with the rest of the crop, in order to attract bees. That knowledge has now been made active again and our agriculture Dpt, is encouraging farmers to add a few plants beside the fields in order to attract the bees . In our gardens we can do a lot to attract both bees and butterflies by choosing the right kind of flowers.

Now, I wouldn't dream of becoming a beekeeper with 50 beehives on my property, and sadly, less and less beekeepers in our country is a serious blow to the natural way of cultivating.
BUT, with the newcommers, I heard on the news yesterday, there are actually many beekeepers or people used to handle these little creatures. They interwieved one man from Syria, happily engaged at the hives and he said there were many like him. His goal was a farm of his own, being able to buy his own colonies. 
Birds singing,mating and making the great variety so obvious in our gardens, woods, lakes and fields, and the bees, doing a great job to make this planet flourish, that is my issue for today!!!
Oh, let them live!! 

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