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söndag 3 april 2016

To celebrate birthdays and the serious thoughts it brings

Good sunday!

There you see, I can actually vary myself!!
This mornings service was an interesting one. One of our old ladies brought a piece of clay to demonstrate Jeremiahs text about the pottery. Need I say she has tought children all her life?
The birds are singing loudly today and my birthday is one day away. Not that it matters all that much,
but still. It reminds me of one of the actors in The Lord of the rings, Billy Boyd, who plays Peregrin Took. When he was casted he took a plane from Ireland to get to the settings on New Zeeland.
On board the plane was also Orlando Bloom, and that made Billy a bit nervous but since it actually was his 30th birthday he decided to celebrate it and brake the ice.
The nice thing about this was the calender, as he put it: when we got close to New Zeeland it was my 30th birthday again! Time is not constant obviously and therefor you can celebrate your birthday quite well if you travel in the right direction.

Yesterday we decided to watch a film with one of our and the oldest ones big favourites - Harrison Ford in "Blade Runner."  It's nothing like Star Wars or Indiana Jones, she was very quiet when Vangelis music rolled in at the End. We had a very interesting talk about this film and the book that lies in the bottom of it - Philip K Dicks Do androids dream of electric sheep?
The fact is that when I first saw it, none of it seemed very possible ever to take place but today...
The year is 2019, earth is worn out, dirty, dark and overbuilt. There is nothing growing in the cities and people has begun colonising other planets. To make life easy and at everyones leisure droids that are very humanlike are used as servants, slaves and entertainment. Their lifespan is set for four years and some of them hve been given memories of a childhood, to be easier to deal with.

Ofcourse all goes wrong, man is not God and control vanishes, the droids become aware and angry, not willing to die.
It's an actionfilm, yes, but in the bottom lies the question: Who creates life and makes the decisions on what a life is and is not? What will happend when our resources are all gone? What will become of man and mans moral thinking and love when everything is artificial because everything real has gone wasted?  We are running out of natural resources. We are creating manlike androids. We invest all we can och all we have in technical solutions, celebrating the glory of progress.
We talked about this and I said: when I saw this first time I couldn't imagine this being my future. Today I realize that it is actually yours and running fast too.

Just as Orwells 1984 asked the question : What kind of Future is ahead and who is making it? every science fiction film with some sense in it, asks the same .
I know and I believe in a future very far from this, but before that day, we have a responsibility towards the creator and the creation. It's good  to sit down with your wise children and have this discussion.
The future is already here, how are we going to live it ? And who is in charge?

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