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lördag 2 april 2016

Things that are good for your bodily and mental health!!!

Goodafternoon again!!

Well, this machine decided to die and not rise again so we had to change the HD!! Hence the pause in posts.
Easter doesn't rub off very nicely on the household machinery, obviously.
Well, that is, if nothing else, a rather wordly problem. But since I stole/borrowed this from my oldest daughter in order to become a famous blogger(infamous perhaps?) we acted rather swiftly to restore it.

The bad hip has given me some troublesome days but on the whole, life is rather good.
Easter has given us more of spring and I actually went up to the mountain ( well, almost) to look at the flowers.  Birds were singing heartily, especially the red robin. The flowers that accur most right now are the wood anemons. You can take a look further down in this post.
The girls are free from school and spend time in the garden with the rabbit.
Or with us catching up with our mowiestock. When my mother, who can't handle her DVD, was here she wanted to see Star Trek, The voyage home....and later in the week the rest of us chose a film called " Bend it like Beckham".
I am sure you've seen it, it is a very nice and heartwarming film with a very great touch of India.
A young Kiera Knightly fits well in together with the great brittaindish scenery.

Recent years we've seen some films with Indian touch, not Bollywood but with actors and scenery from India. I have to tell you about this since we are all cineasts. The first one we came across was actually "Slumdog millionaire". It's cruel and very dark but at the same time there is a light and hope that can't be broken. I features Dev Patel, that actually doesn't live in India but has his origin there. It is a very good film, but nothing for cheerful days.
Another film with that same actor is ofcourse "Hotel Marigold." That is something entirely different, and it has a sequel equally cheerful. It features the greatest possible english actors such as Maggie Smith,Tom Wilkinson, Judi Dench, Bill Nighy...you name it.
The Filmclub also greeted us with an excellent film called "Lunchbox", that very much shows the everyday life of Indian great cities, or so I gather.
The life of Pi is another of those films containing glimpses of a culture and a way of thinking that is quite foreign to me, although in altered form. Not to mention the shimmering and strange films from China that our Filmclub has presented to us.

This week I actually jumped my way back to the churchchoir. I haven't done any serious singing for ages and it was good to be back. I can actually assure you that choirsinging, just as watching a good movie or reading a good book, is very good to restore a cracking health.
Back in 1980 I started in the churchchoir due to the leader that paid us a visit during musicclass in school. She needed new singers and we signed on, me and a friend of mine. The year after we had an exchangestudent called Heather, and she joined as well. This was my only contact with church those days and it took me at least a year to even ponder on what I was doing there. I loved singing, period.
But one day I met another exchangestudent, from the marineuniversity, a tall, VERY dark man that suddenly appeared outside church in the dark evening. He spent a good hour explaining to me why people sing in churchchoirs and how foolish I was not to even care. From that day on I payed attention to everything taking place in church and started noticing the lyrics. And so......

Well, dear friends, this was some kind of update, I'll be back to pick up more serious issues as well as more travelmemories. Please walk heartily among the everbright paths of spring and easter!

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