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lördag 9 april 2016

There will be no Groundhog-day, but every other kind!!!


As I am approaching the end of my sick leave I realize there are lots of things I never did that I actually wanted to do. Isn't that really really typical for the average life?
Worried thoughts and questions about life will bother us when time is rushing on. Sometimes you actually come to some kind of turning point, making the changes you have always longed for or at least some small changes.
Most of the time you shrug and hope for a good night sleep and better options in the morning.
Or just get even with your worried thoughts and decide to like things the way they are.

Today, this sunny and rather pleasant day, . I took a long walk and felt good about things until I reached the harbour. Some really eager man was actually bombarding the long harbourwalk with a pressurewasher. Boatseason is closing up and people do use our smallboatharbour a great deal. This man was preparing for this. Just as some people clean the beach to make things brighter for the bathingseason.  It did give my peacefull walk a rather noicy surrounding, I couldn't hear the birds. There is this thing with me and birds. I'm no good with birds, can't tell them apart, Well some, like magpies and ducks, some smaller birds but most of them just sing and are identified by me as...birds!  And there is a beauty about this, birds are birds , Gods most lovely creations have different voices, different accents, some travel far and pick up foreign dialects from southern Africa or Egypt.
Like people, we are all beautiful and have different voices, accents and dialects but we are all people.
Just like we enjoy the birds singing because we love birds, we should enjoy other people for what they are, no matter language, origin or looks.
The world is full of people, God find them beautiful even if not everyone sings like nightingales, to him being humans is enough to love them. Good start. Too bad we don't see things His way.

 This day ended with the entire family in the tv-sofa, watching a favouritefilm - Groundhog day!    My american readers ( both of you) will probably know exactly what I mean.  We love this film for a number of reasons. Bill Murray is one. But the most important reason is that eternal question; what if we really did get fresh chances every day to correct our mistakes and learn to be better persons! If the gravest and worse events and deepest regrets would be wiped out during the night and we could start afresh, wouldn't life then finally be grand????

The great ego and actually unbearable person Phil uses God knows how many february the second to correct mistakes and become the person he wants to be and so get the girl of his dreams and everybodys devotion. Finally it's february the third and he can go on with his life. (If you never heard of this film, you can have a quick glance on the clip further down.)
Be your own saviour-doctor-whatever.  But humanlife doesnt work that way and we actually do get new chances every day, but we don't learn, do we? We share past, present and future, we have loads of opportunities to be wiser and better but it takes more than that.

On my own, I can't mend the cracks in my personality, I can't become perfect, loveable and unselfish,
I am no saint and will not ever be by my own efforts. My darker sides will not disappear if I meditate and reach enlightment and free my spirit from the world, because that is not what humans are about.
We have to carry the burdens of imperfection, we have to put up with flaws and bad character. We will eventually meet evil within ourselves and others but also great goodness and compassion and we will learn but never enough to save the world, But the grace of every new day will always be there, new chances, new sunup, birdsong. Always the hope of peace, health, better grades, new friends, the fading of bitterness. It will be worth it, to keep making life here as good as possible. That is what humans are about. And the occasional happy moments will keep us going, they are gifts!
Knowing that, we can really enjoy that hilarious film and recognize our own hopes and failours in it.
And if not a Groundhog day, there will be days when ends meet and we can fall asleep smiling.

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