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tisdag 5 april 2016

Travelling memories - part three - Greece!

Good afternoon!!

Even if I do have serious things that upset my mind I think I'll leave it for now. One thing though ;
when I grew up I learned that older men used something called a Panamahat. It was high fashion in some period, not sure of when actually. Even so - the Panamahat was called for when you needed shelter, hide from the sunlight or just look good . Panama - you know!

I earlier promised to tell you about the rest of that disastrous first flyingexperience I had.
We went to Greece. The flight TO Greece was no success but the rest of the trip was.
I had never been further away than Berlin, so Athens was quite a shocking sight.
Cars all over the place, driving on and offroad. Beautiful houses and small churches pressed together with more modern structures or shacks in desperate need of mercy.
Meat and dead chicken hanging in the sunlight at the marketplace, calling on us to take our chances.
We were out walking the streets, not all that unpleasant really. We found a bakery in an alley and went in to see what it had to offer. Fond of smaller cookies we wanted to try a few of each. You know, two of them and two of them. But the baker shook his head in amazement. Those cookies were sold in kilos. We had to take up some serious debate to be able to try any of them, and finally he yielded.
After a week we were back in Athens and got back to the bakery, seeing him hide behind the counters but then giving up and selling us the small amounts we wanted.

Our guide was called Dimitri, not very uncommon. He brought his daughter, Philomene, with him some parts of the trip. He was, like many greek men, a strictly patriarcal type. He spoke some mix of greek, english, norwegian and swedish. His job was to keep us informed and happy AND keep everybody out of our way. He was an excellent storyteller and scared all other guides off if they disturbed his group. So we began in Athens and then went out on the countryside by bus, changing hotel once a day. So we visited Pireus, Sparta, Olympia, The cave of the Minotaur, we visited The ancient Epidauros and Delphi. We ran on the courts of Olympia.
We patted dogs filled with ticks and enjoyed Greeknight at Plaka. We visited potteries and giftshops, always greeted with a fair glas of Ouzo. We ate lots and lots of lamb and swordfish!!

WE also got engaged in the harbour of ancient Epidauros, Palea Epidauros. There was a thunderstorm that night but it wore off and the sky cleared. Once Dimitri understood what we had been up to, he ran out in the kitchen, commanding a bottle of champaigne to our table!
Epidauros ancient theatre is worth a chapter of it's own but I can say this: no one, and I do mean no one has ever managed to duplicate or even get close to the builtinacoustic of that place! Incredible!
And Delphi, with its red sand and breathtaking wiew, not to mention the buildings and almost living history wispering around the walls.
And finally, the Parthenontemple with the Aeropag, where Paul stood, adressing the greek about the altar of the unknown God.
Do I have any pictures?? Oh yes, slides....
Once I get technical enough, I might have pictures, but now, they are all in my head. What a trip we had!

Mmm, want some lamb?

The fabulous theatre in ancient Epidauros

The marketplace, agora, in Delphi

Wiew from the akropolis in Athens

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