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måndag 4 april 2016

My wishinglist...and the issue of MONEY


Yesterday I finished the book about Malala. She started a fund, money is needed to secure childrens education, especially girls. On her wishinglist, there are no personal claims. What about mine?
I have no great claims, no expensive wishes. I have what I need,  but diamonds never were my best friends. For my birthday I got lovely tea, a mug, an angel from Willowtree, flowers, a scented candle.
My daughters love a show called swedish Hollywoodwifes. They definitely have a different standard than I have and, I suppose, other expectations . I can't imagine the contents of their wishinglist, but I can imagine you'd need a bigger wallet than the ones we have.

Money really is an issue to be taken seriously. Rich people are getting richer by the minute, poor people are getting poorer. You might think that those people have earned their welth through hard work or wise investing, but more often that doesn't seem to be the case. For if that was so, they would be ever so willing to pay taxes and speak openly about their assets. Some do, bragging about cars, art and yachts. Like the Hollywoodwifes with their pink and bubblingeveryday issues. With very special problems to go with the very special life they lead. Or is that prejudice?? Dear me!

But, again, many are trying ever so hard to hide most of their fortunes abroad. The Panamaaffair that emerged yesterday, doesn't seem to have any limits. Moneywashing and hiding with the able help of banks, with good and solid reputation. Customers of all kinds, mafioso and society, royalties and politicians, celebrities and merchants, have been guided to make good business. And yes, swedish banks are involved as well, this is very embarrassing . Time to hide. Or step out in the light.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had an insidedocumentary about swedish people hiding money in f.i
Switzerland or Jersey. Most of them didn't want to discuss it with the journalist...
No wonder Jesus uses the parabel of the camel and the needleseye. To be rich is also to be afraid, afraid of loosing some or all of it, not getting enough, developing habits you didn't need before, buying and investing far over your needs. You can't have both, Jesus says, God and Mammon. Because with money also comes power. Power is ever so hard to cope with. Wars, for instance, could never be fought without money, we'd be surprised if we knew who is financing who.

Money is necessary for survival, food, housing, school, clothing, welfare, properties, land aso.
Good invested money saves lifes and make progress accessible to everybody and starvation a thing of the past. Some rich people actually uses their welth for the sole benefit of others. And people that are richer in heart than in the bank make sure that the most unfortunate get access to the effects of that generosity. Social workers, missionairies, doctors, volunteers.

It would be wrong of me to say I have no interest in money, I would be happy if I could handle it better, pay off my loans and perhaps live a slightly better life. But then again, where would it end?
Would I settle for a certain level or would it continue to rise?? Would I keep buying camels and force them through the needleseye once a year? I can't say. So I pray : Lord, if I can't handle it, don't make me rich!
Still, my wishinglist , the secret one, does contain a few items that are not for the benefit of the poor and unfortunate, but I'm keeping it a secret, just in case!

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