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måndag 28 mars 2016

The inside of the Easteregg

This is my best easteregg. It is, as you may notice, a Babusjka. Inside are more holy perso s and churchfathers. Only trouble is the state of the egg. It's so tight that the poor saints inside never see the sun. On the other hand, the real ones have other options and are not locked in.
If the eggs we give our children, filled with chocolate and candy, where just as tight, easter would be a hard time for sugarlovers.
When I was a child, there where two periods to get extra candy. Around christmas where swedish children dress in white and sing Luciasongs to make way for the christchild. Walking from door to door, stairway after stairway, people wouldn' t get rid of these singing little brats unless smilingly giving us candy, money or gingerbread.
At easter we dressed up as witches or something similar, red cheeks and baskets and feathers. We called out Happy Easter to anyone who dared open the door and hoped for candy.

Today,the christian angel of easter has disappeared somewhat. We decorate, cook, bake and eat all we can muster. Many considder easter a better holiday because there is no rush about expensive gifts in fancy wrappings, i e the inner meaning of christmas...To celebrate easter is a real joy actually, it means life and light in the middle of all this darkness.
Only, while we were eating and celebrating in our quiet part of the world, other forces blew away the light and joy. Yesterday Lahore was the next goal. 
Easter may have lost some of its meaning to many, but to the families in  that park, easter was a celebrationday.
That terrible deed took the light away. Darkness fell over the world once again. The police calked them Soft goals. Indeed.
The christian history is filled with martyres, many more unwillingly added this day.
Once again we are faced with the unbelievable. 
But life is still stronger, light can't be covered forever, new sisters and brothers need our faith and strenght. We will not bend.
My easteregg is made of wood and is lovingly decorated. Just as the love in the world now seem hard to reach and enjoy, just as the other pictures in my egg, we have to keep hoping that it's stronger than anything. We keep fighting to open the treasures of compassion and grace. 
I still want to wish you happy Easter.
And when I do my heart cries for the people of Lahore.

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