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torsdag 21 april 2016

Travelling memories- part four- London!


As you already are aware of,  I am not the slightest bit technical so reading my posts can be something of a challenge. However, I'll start off with some fun and games to get in the mood of things and present to you one of the Youtubers on my list - Thatcher Joe or Joe Sugg.

So, time to get serious, or as the Potterheads say, Sirius. I was pleased to see guests from both Ireland and England on my humble little blog. I have recently discovered several bloggers my own age in GB and taken a liking to their writing. Hope you will join me again , please feel welcome, where ever you are from!
Anyway, we went to London, first time in our lives ( yes, imagine ). I had it ALL worked out with properly loaded Oystercards, walkingmaps (not Marauder), tickets and vouchers, pocketmoney, you name it. I knew exactly what tube to take and where....only...they had added an extra twodaystrike on the tube... so first the train, then the bus and didn't everybody else??? Nobody seemed to know what bus to take, I think we dragged our suitcases on and off about a dousin buses, leading us hither and thither. Four hours behind schedule we fell into the lobby of our hotel, staff starting to pour icewater into us.

First night I ordered steakandkidneypie and a pint of the house lager. Nice. Then the days passed with touristing by bus and foot, girls getting the hang of tubemaps and streetsigns, dad getting more and more confused. Oldest one wanted nothing but clothes and makeup so we dragged ourselves through those horrid places pumping music and acres of fashion spreading out. Ouch, my feet, my head, my senses!!
Getting in to the Lushdepartment broke the smallest one in tears, great place but smelly and noicy. Birthdaypresent for greatest neighbours 50th birthday! 

A nice little heron in Regents park, the only bird that wasn't aiming for our heads, like the smaller ones.

We found videofilms not to be found in Sweden, food we never heard of. We listened to streetmusicians of ALL kinds, amazing really, the talents! The courage.The best of it all was actually just being there, it was a certain homelike feeling. Friendly people, noicy streets, people and languages from all over the world,  the bustle of the streets, overwhelming but then again not. All these familiar scenes blended with thousands of people, cars and buses. How can they even drive in those narrow alleys?  We decided we had to get back as soon as possible, you can't just rush through!!

And so there was the nice swedish church, we managed to find it, nice service, nice little ladies, coffee and cinnamonbuns after the service, one lady still writes to me. From the land of the living we went on to the land of the dead - Tussauds! Great!!! First wiew - Benedict Cumberbatch!  There was a Star Wars exhibit too so everyone was happy. So the days passed, only rainy day we took the train to Watford and the marvellous Harry Potter tour. We could have stayed a week in that place!

Only too soon our stay was over and we had that absolut most scary experience of an enormous airport were we got lost all the time and all the gates were 3 kilometers in any direction and always closing in ten minutes!!
We left England with a promise to be back soon and the most empty wallets I have set my eyes on.
So there you go - glimpses of a Londontrip!

Sunday morning, people on their way to the service in the Swedish church on Harcourt Street
I actually wanted to bring the video in here but couldn't for the life of me figure out how. Anyway, the streets are crowded with skilled and inventive musicians. This boy had emptied the cupboards of a smaller neighbourhood!
Kings Cross. Right next door!
Amazing inventions they have, these muggels.
Themes, and the city and a photographer scared stiff by the wuthering heights. I actually paid to get scared.
Some claim it's actually the interior of St Pancras you can see in the Pottermovies. 
Hop on hop off. Someone close to me fell asleep!!
This you already know, see the Hogwarts post!!
Youngest one kept a close lookout for this !!!!
Towerbridge. Next time we'll be here at nightfall, it's a treat.
Londoners are a bit stiff, we had heard, but everything is relative by comparison, eh?
A bit larger than the local parishchurch, but I would probably get lost inside!
It was a foggy and sticky day this, we took all the proper pictures....

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  1. You seem to have done more in your short holiday than most of us do in a year.
    No wonder you were all tired.

    1. Oh, I entered this reply in the wrong place! Well, we made London with two teenaged girls, one anxious to do as much shoppig as possible, the other only longing for Harry Potter and London Eye. Since then I have become the proud carrier of a titan hip, but at the time my moving abilities were scarse. So....yes, next time we'll go alone or at least wait for them to turn more cultural!! No galloping in London!!

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  3. Sorry to correct you, but it's HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. His/Her Royal Highness (HRH) is the title given to the Queen's children.

    1. You are absolutely right here!!! And I can be quite grateful that you are the one reading my blog and NOT HER MAJESTY!!! By the way, Coppa's girl, very nice to have you visiting my blog, I hope you'll drop in again!!!!