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söndag 6 mars 2016

A choice between what's easy and what's right.

O dear, there I sounded just like Alfred Hitchcock! And worse, I have given this post a title taken from Albus Dumbledore..
If anything, that makes me a bit worried about my connection to reality. However, reality is so vividly present that I would be ashamed  not to notice.
Choices , yes. Life is full of them. Often , when people are in trouble they tend to say; I had no choice.
It happends to me as well, as I try to reason my way out of a situation that got worse due to my own behaviour. How tricky is not the life we lead?
It began already with Kain and Abel, Abel having the firstborns rights, Kain , as he chose to see it; nothing. How could he act differently? Abel was in his way, he had no choice, or did he?
This takes place shortly , well, as it seems in the bible anyway, I suppose The good Lord skipped a few years there, but anyhow, man makes a bad choice there with the snake and everything. So now mankind is responsible for the choices. We know that, as adults, responsibility comes with the ability to choose for yourself. Either we claim that right or it is given to us. In certain political areas, that possibility is never actually given to people, the leaders are in charge of the choices to be made, for everyones wellbeing. People in common are not to be trusted with such important matters, they are much better off living their daily lifes and let the important decisions be taken by those who understands them.
Given such an option many would perhaps choose the easy way. If somebody strong and rather fiercelooking with much power tells you to trust in his judgement, perhaps you do, given the options.
During worldwar 2, many soldiers and others had an absolutely horrifying choice to make; kill or be killed. Not only soldiers, others as well, to stay alive or keep familymembers alive they had to make choices beyond comprehension. That takes us quite far away from the choice of Kain. Many did oppose to the voice of darkness and took the consequenses of such a choice. They give us hope of humanity.
History is repeating itself in a few countries today. The voice of leadership is heard everywhere, the picture of my wellbeing covers every empty space.
Into such a miserable wiew, light must be brought in. How can people even begin to follow what is right if no light is there to guide? Love and light, and trust in the good and the true. This longing is strong in every human being. It was alive in Kain aswell, but the the voice of darkness was stronger.

Now the electioncampaign is crossing border after border, millions of dollars being spent, speach after speach, doors being knocked on, what is true and what is false depends on who is in the pulpet or on the stage. The american people have a choice to make, and, the way I see it, that choice will make an impact on all of us. Sitting safely thousands of miles away, having no clue of life in the states, it can appear to be an easy choice. It may seem obvious what is right and what is easy. Just like we can say
looking at any election we don't have to take part in.
This is a choice of great dignity, yes. But in our dailylife, the small but important choices we make can be equally difficult and crucial. Make no mistake, president or not. Life is and will always be full of choices, my life and others are always at stake, in one way or other.
Let's spread the light we need to see clearly where our responsibility lies. Let us help each other out instead of judging bad choices, next time might be mine!
And let us also bear in mind that the poor choices with horrible consequenses are taken by people that, just like us, are scared, blinded, under pressure or simply not wise enough.
Just as we must be ready to forgive, we must also work hard not to let he bad and easy choices take over our hearts. We have been given the responsibility to make our own choices, our free will, but the options are not always so clear in sight. Let the light in, let the truth out, seek support and understanding, you are never alone, but your choices always effect more people than you. With that in mind, we might be able to choose what is right and what is easy.
I hope I can set my heart on such a task.

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