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torsdag 3 mars 2016

Nightmares should dissapear at sunrise!

I hope you had a good nights sleep. I had one of my nightmarenights, it's a good thing I am home alone so  that no one but me suffers from it.
My nightmares fades off rather quickly. For many others the nightmare goes on, sunrise comes and the
field filled with people is still wet and cold, granades are still falling. Sunrise will show even more horryfying wiews of your once so safe and beautiful hometown.
Nightmares that are someones new reality ought to be our wakeupcall.
We shouldn't be the creators of nightmares. We should let people dream their own dreams of the future,
creators of nightmares can have their way in the movietheatre, not in real persons actual lives.

We are by nature, storytellers and keepers of important facts. In the age of darkness, where every dark corner could be dangerous and any unexplored spot of the territory or unknown persons or tribes could be potential threats, stories were made to keep children away and keep grownups alert. As soon as light was brought in or the unknown became familiar, the stories changed their focus.
Many of these stories, told from generation to generation, has been written down, again, the written word! And we can read them and say; how awkvard, look at that! Trolls, witches, werewulfs, monsters living in lakes and deep forests, ghosts and demons, living dead( I know, that still lingers doesnt it?)

Through modern times we've seen authors loving to write the most horryfying, breathtaking, scaring, violent, viscious stories you can imagine, making you doubt everything and everyone around you, creating nightmares, yes.  Do we still need these stories? Haven't we put light to all dark corners and wardrobes? Why the need to get scared out of your wits?

 Living hell goes on in broad daylight, people meet monsters and demons IRL, everything they ever trusted in is smashed and bloodstained in an instant. You can't put the book back in the shelf, can't turn the set off, can't leave the theatre or close the laptop. You can't stretch out to the videoshelves behind you and start Toystory 2 instead.

So why do we still engulf ourselves in horrors on the screen when it is actually happening to our brothers and sisters all over the world. For real. Is it not enough scary when children are blown to pieces? Is it not enough scary to hear the reasoning from military and political leaders of the goals they have and why?  All this hatred, all this feeling of having a right to judge. Being the creator of
someone elses nightmare, how creative is that really? All this human talent, all our gifts, used to destroy, was that really the intention? These questions are part of the nightmare we are facing today.
They can't be turned off, if we try, it will emerge somewhere else.

Horror movies, books and games are probably items that will linger on. Probably beacuse they have this one good quality; once you have dared facing it, you can turn it off or close it and say to yourself;
what a fool I am, this is not for real. There is a conversation between sgt Ripley and the small girl called Newt in Aliens. Newt asking Ellen; My mother always said there were no monsters, but there are!
Why do people tell children these things? And Ellen says: Because most of the time it's true.

And so it is. Nightmares and monsters are most of the time not for real, but sometimes we need to face the fact that they can be and that we are the creators of them , we , mankind.
In the heart of us all there is also the ability of choosing good, creating dreams, kindness, pointing to hope and the end of pain within reach. We are able to reshape the horrormap and lighten up the dark unknown corners that we fear. Knowing what fear is teaches us to fight our way to the opposite . Knowing evil makes us eager to seek good. Perhaps scary movies keeps that talent alert, wanting to break out of the nightmare and back to safety and light. I don't know.
I just hope that our knowledge of what is actually going on, can make us strong enough to face the responsibility of freeing people of nightmares that are for real. I think we can.
The world we know is a glorious creation, meant to be experienced and explored with respect and love.
As long as that is not a fact for everyone, nightmares will go on IRL. We can make better choices,
read and watch the nightmares if you wish, I sometimes do, but never accept that some people have to live in a nightmare created by someone else.
My nightmares last night are far gone, I'm fortunate!!

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