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onsdag 16 mars 2016

Travelling is knowledge, adventure and freedom - part 1


Another bright shining day to cover up for an awful night, I sure am glad to be alive when spring is coming. I went for an early walk today, they said the sun might dissapear later on. We live in a small village by the sea, houses are wellkept, gardens are wellkept, wintertime it's rather quiet, in the summer all the summerguests arrive and empty houses are filled to the brim.

Walking, slowly, with crutches, gives you time to think. The bumblebees are awake, nice and friendly little things, very welcome. But yesterday we had a earlybird-wasp in the house, not so cuddly or friendly mind you! And OH, there we have one again!!
On my walk today I also heard the monotonous beeping from one of my favourite birds, a slim, grey little thing with a stroke of eyeliner in the face. Swedish name-Nötväcka.

Alarmed by the morning news of new carbombs, I thought I'd start a different approach. Serious issues are always on my mind but not every day in writing.
Today we'll start off with a series of travellingstories. Man has been travelling always, at first in search for food and a place to stay, in modern days it's more out of curiosity and longing for a break.
As a child I grew up in Malmoe, it's a fairly large city, in the south.
Since we were a small family without a car, and not that large a budget, we didn't travel much but to Denmark it was a short trip!
In those days there was nothing but ferries, several sizes and shapes. It was such a treat getting on the largest one, knowing it would take an hour and a half. On the boat there was lemonade and schrimpsandwiches or the red danish hotdog or fried fish and chips.  The shop was filled with candy, well it was paradise. If the sea was calm, that is. Otherwise....

My mother and I tried to travel to Copenhagen or a nearby smaller town called Dragoer, that had a ferry of its own, at least twice a year. Copenhagen was foreign with a strange language, strange smells and the traffic was overwhelming as were the icecreamcones. School also travelled to Copenhagen to go to the great amusementpark Tivoli or ...perhaps it was the great museum....ofcourse it was!! They had a real mummy in one of the halls, ever so exciting for our historyclasses.
As a teenager, with the class or some friends, Copenhagen was our goal. Between you and me, the beer was easy to come by, and that seemed to be a strong motivation for the trip.
The rollercoaster in Tivoli, the red hotdogs, the enormous icecreamcones and the large stores were a great part of my world.

But on my own or if we wanted peace and quiet, Dragoer was the place. Small alleys, small houses with roofs packed with straw, nice little restaurants. Shops with only cheese, only bakery, only meat , only candy or only wine and whisky.
Then the bridge was built and all was gone. It has taken years for that little town to come to life again.
The coastline was seriously altered and the only way to Copenhagen is by train or car.
You could say it would fit me better, being so horribly seasick and with all these bad memories of absolutely terrifying travels, but no. Those ferries were my gate to the world, my border to cross, adventure and freedom. Train is alright, but , the schrimpsandwiches and fried fish, the wind and the sun over the waves, the thumping sound of the engines. All that is now but memories to share.

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