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torsdag 17 mars 2016

Stolen identity and prejudice


A brand new day has been running for some time now. I hope you've had time to enjoy it, I for one have met some beautiful people and the sun is still shining.
In a while a friend of mine will drop in and we'll take a walk.
Todays post is a rather serious one, partly. Yesterdays news gave me a glimpse of something very important. Almost two years ago I was invited by three lovely young syrians to take part of their story.
Not only me, of course, there were many of us. They showed us pictures and maps, spoke of their homes, schools and where grandmother had her house and summerholidays. They showed us pictures of places before and after war began. The most touching in all this was their pride. Our beautiful country, look at that fine landscape, see the architecture of the school, the church, the mosque. See
the flowers and trees! And they cried. All people know is that Syriah is a country full of sand, arabs and terrorists and ruins from gunfire and bombs. What kind of identity is that to carry in your heart?

And so last night on the news we met a syrian artist, painter. He has been given a chance to live and work in Sweden for a while. He said, and this is important: People see only the number of casualties from Syriah, every day. Syriah is nothing but dead people in the newspaper and on the news.
He wanted to give us another picture of Syriah, one of beauty and real people. Just like the young people we met.
The same evening there was a documentary about survivors of the naziyears. One hebrew father said: My son came home from school, very upset and asked me; Father, who are the nazis and why do they wan't to kill us?
The father wanted his very young son to live through his early childhood feeling good just about being a jew. His identity was taken away from him. Just like it was for our young friends, they wanted noyhing else but to be young syrians living in peace in a country they love. Instead they are poor creatures from a warzone. Syrians are almost equal to refugees, or casualties .
Jews are a kind of people that nazis want dead.

Who took the liberty of robbing people of their identities?
And it happens all the time, to people close to us, we just love to label up people because it's easier??
And we always have, take for instance the woman visiting Simons house, washing Jesus feat with her tears. She had no identity of her own..she was THAT KIND OF WOMAN.
We have extremly high knowledge of how people are, africans and afroamericans are all singers, dancers or basketplayers, chinese people are always smiling, italians are all maffia, mothersinlaw are always horrible, fat people are lazy and stupid, skinny people are dry and boring, americans are loud and rude, germans want's worldpower...

The real heart of the matter is that we have our deepest and greatest identity in being humans. We share it, all of us. And then, whatever more people want to add into that identity, they must be able to keep.
Proude of who you are, where you come from, what you love doing, that's part of your identity.
Please, let people have their identity secured, don't let prejudice be the glasses through whitch we wiew and judge people we meet.
I am a swedish woman, sooooo, I'm blond, liberated and stupid, right?

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