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fredag 18 mars 2016

Important decisions in the EU and also, Travelling memories part 2


Well, actually it's almost noon but I have no better word. Spring is really emerging from every corner and today I took a walk all the way to the harbour and our brilliant little shop. On the way I had a very interesting and good conversation with a nice lady. The wind was eastly today so we could hear the churchbells, and stopped for a while, thinking of those the bells chimed for.

I read today in the paper about the new deal EU is hoping to conclude with Turkey. It would mean no more refugees on dangerous boats , risking their lives. But it will also mean that Turkey takes a very great part of the responsibility because the refugees are to be transfered from Greek borders back to Turkey and from there , I'm not sure, but their future is meant to be handled in a more secure and orderly fashion, hopefully to get good decisions quickly. Hopefully there will be many countries ready to open up to these unfortunate people, in need of security and an opportunity to restore lifes most vunerable values. Yesterday I spoke of identity, all these people need to feel that they still have a life and still have their story to tell. And part of it is here and now, but most of it is something much greater.

Anyhow, todays post also contains another travelmemory. When I met my husband, I hadn't been further than Denmark and Norway and oh yes, a trip with the churchchoir to Germany.
But I had never been in an airplane and that year we were getting engaged and wanted a longer trip.
So we booked a chartertrip to Greece with ancienthistorytheme. We arrived at the big big airport in good time, all was new and scary to me. We strolled round and looked at departures and arrivals on the boards , people running to and fro, bags being handled, buisy officials.

Our departure didn't show, but another one destined to Athens did, but that departure was only about 30 minutes away so that couldn't be us, our liftoff would be some 2 hours later.
We decided to check things up, looking for our travelagency and were met by two running and screaming officials: There you are!!!! Where have you been, the plane will lift in 15 minutes!!
The fact of it was that the departure had been altered ten days earlier, only our names had fallen out so we never got the information.

My first airborn travel!!! We ran like mad, throwing in our bags, diving through security and racing into the aircraft. Our seats were taken, so we ended up in the back, between two sturdylooking spanish ladies, talking and smoking without recess, this was a while ago you understand. Well, all was forgotten and forgiven once we landed in Greece and the adventure began. If you want to know about the rest of that trip, look for it in a few days!
Tomorrow will be Earth Hour, see you then perhaps!

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