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fredag 4 mars 2016

The issue of mobilephones and times you wish you'd have one, and times not.

A foggy and grey morning it is as well, I can hardly see the buildings across the street.
Today I must focus on rehab, using both crutches and not doing anything foolish. At least, not yet.
Yesterday, I had a conversation with the youngest daughter. She is annoyed by progress. Well, to be honest, just when progress doesn't fit in to her life. Slow wifi is still an issue to be delt with in high pitched voice.
We did discuss however, why the mobile has to be so much more. We never needed all these gadgets just 20 years ago, why now? I remember the first ones, planted in expensive cars or carried with a huge battery, over your shoulder. You had to take turns to carrie it any distance. The main reason for having a mobile was to make phonecalls, A Graham Bells invention was a miracle, you could actually talk to people miles away while the operator listened in on every conversation, or so I've seen it happend in Walnut Grove, mind you, where mrs Olesson takes a pleasure in that.

Some years ago I visited an old lady who in younger days had that opportunity, being the village operator, but she said it was a social service, if someone wanted mrs J she could inform that mrs J was currently visiting mrs K and was expected back before mr J wanted his dinner at 5.
But why we need the phone to be an entire computer, camera, musicbox, tv-set and GPS not to mention fitbit and ...Phone and camera, need there be more? Or am I a grumpy old fashioned woman with a bad hip perspective, standing in the way of progress?? In that case, so is my daughter.

Anyway, the explosivelike development of new technics has given us a new way of socializing.
We already know where everyone is because everyone keeps posting their every movement and action on social media. Can be good, can be bad.
People out walking, sitting at cafés or restaurants have their focus in the palm of their hands instead of the people walking next to them. Last night tv showed a restaurant that actually had baskets to put your mobile in when seated at the table, kind of like school.
I do understand the need for the camera, not for these endless selfies , but for moments that passes away so quickly. Meeting someone you haven't seen for years, bumping in to a celebrity( not likely) or
watching a spectacular sunrise.
Some 20 years ago, I went to Gothenburg with a friend. It was the annual Bookevent, authors and painters and comicwriters and journalists. David Attenborough was one of my goals, I had a book ready for signing and had an intelligent and creative pile of comments and questions prepared.
I also focused on the creators of comicmagazine Larson , but that's another story.

Well, as we walked around, listening in , looking at celebritys of all kinds, buying books, my friend gave me a nodge and whispered: Look, there he is, and there is no one in line!!!!
And there he was, sir David, and no one in line. Where was now my wellprepared list of questions and intelligent remarks? Where was now my courage and spirit? Gone.
So I presented the book, babbling words like: thank you sir, the greatest, I love your work, a big fan of yours. He looked at me, kind and polite, said a few words and returned my book, signed.

If I at least could have invited him to do a selfie so I had some proof that I talked to him, but at the time, there was no such thing. I could have saved my questions in Memo, reading them to him, but in those days we had to trust in pencil and paper. I could have made a drawing, but I think the guards would have thrown me out. My friend looked at me and said: you didn't say anything important, did you?No, but I promise, I was there!

Want to see him?

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