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fredag 11 mars 2016

IRL - a forgotten lifestyle ???

This was an awful morning so I think I'll just leave it for todays issue: In real life.
Well, this awful morning actually WAS real life, as real as it gets.....
Real life means real meetings, real experiences, real emotions, good and bad, real heavy burdens and real feelings of lightness ad forgivemess.
Real life also include losses, personal or otherwise. This year really started out badly, both David Bowie and Alan Rickman. And today I heard Jon English was gone!! He was actually in Sweden a number of times, why didn't I see him?? See him on this video, from 2013.

The rapid growth of technology won't make any difference on a personal level, lost opportunities are lost, meetings and experiences that were mine to have, won't occur again. I can enjoy Jon English on that video, but I wasn't there, was I?
We live in a world where you never actually need to leave the house, everything can be reached and experienced through the internet and modern technology. We can actually create robots that are almost human!! Aren't we the lucky generation?
I am glad to say; many many are not buying this, they still believe in real events, real meetings. We are actually created to reach our fullest potential in the interaction with others. Tender, loving, respectful. Social medias won't do the trick. Not always. Not even an easy task as getting some information is complete without really being present, for instance:

This week there was an event in one of our larger cities, where young people could find answers about work, education, travelling and finding imput for the future. The halls where filled with real people, and one young girl said to the radioreporter: ¨This is so good, you can't really understand everything or get the real feeling about things on the internet. ¨

The same thing goes for the students that actually have a chance to visit the former concentrationcamps.
Where I live thousands of young people has been given this opportunity and are greatful. Sure, they can read about and google their way through it, but, we are created to see, hear and touch, smell, even.
I travelled along with a group one year, and even if it wasn't one of the worst, I could see what it did to them. We have people, actual survivors, that are working hard to visit schools and tell students how it really was. Too many are now gone, but instead their grandchildren are starting a new mission.

We have to mention the happy events as well, the music, the theatre, the operas, the ballets, we are fortunate if we've had a chance to really be there. I have been fortunate in many ways.
I am glad I went to Gothenburg to see David Bowie, 1983, was it? I'm glad I saw Michael Jackson on his Dangerous-tour, I'm glad I saw Queen with Freddie live and kicking. And, I actually am glad that I through modern technology, can watch all Rickmans performances, I never met him or could have, in real life, but the loss is very real. I'll be back with favourite movies another day!!

I am also glad that we went to see Harry Belafonte, he is still going, but I don't think he'll visit Sweden again. What a show that was!!! He was 66 at the time! Up here you can watch him duelling with Animal, a real treat!!
And today, he is engaging himself in human rights, as he always have, both for black and white.
He keeps working for the important real meeting where understanding can grow. So back to the state of things:

They say the world is getting smaller and the new shining technology makes things much easier for all of us, but why then, are people more and more burdened by stressrelated illness??
Why are people so enormously important that they are not allowed to take leave for a funeral but have to watch it on internet?  Why are people so lonely that it is considdered progress with social robots, some shaped like babies or dogs, to keep old people company? Why so many young people never leaving their dark rooms, living only through the screen?? Can't we manage real meetings?
Why am I letting this happend??

On tv today I can watch a ...well..documentary of reallifeevents, on Magaluf. Yes, young people spends a summer together, with no obligations, no limits, all expences payed for. One girls says:
¨.Well, you can do kinda everything and nothing matters¨
I'd like to see a documentary where these strong and young people spent a summer taking care of and actually spending time with the most lonely ones, turning off the switches of the social robots.
That would be IRL enough. And the joy of it all would be abiding in them for ages to come!

Happily enough, many people takes decisions just like that - finding that life is so much more than a passing event.
 I'm so glad for all the people that actually visit the greek islands to help out, that actually visits the most abandoned spots on earth to help out. I am so glad that the coming generations still enjoys real
meetings, live events. Not only meetandgreettickets that costs a fortune, but meetings in everyday life.
That is probably why young people travel in a different way. Long trips, to countries beyond the touristmaps. I hope they do it because they really want to know.
That they carry with them meetings, handshakings and sharing. I hope they will remember eyes, faces and voices, the fragrances and textures. And come home with the same urge to experience life and
people in their everyday environment, just as exciting, just as important. IRL.

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