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torsdag 24 mars 2016

My coach is for life!


So today the bad hip with owner included took a trip to the physioterapist for a checkout. Yes I does have a name, but you probably don't know him. He strikes me as rather young, very casual in his approach but don't missjudge, this boy knows what he is doing. So, back to my homework and a little more than that, good advice and healthy instructions. No shortcuts.

If life in general could be coached in the same fashion, wouldn't it be nice?
Oh there are coaches for all kinds of things, some are good I'm sure, but life does take many strikes.
Normally, we are often stronger than we thought and braver as well, but how far can it take us in some situations? And the coach needs to be payed, is that a lifelong commitment?

People that right now suffer losses due to war, terrorism, hunger, disease or catastrophes in general, may have the ability to get up on their feet and carry the burdens inflicted on them, but they can't do it for ever. Things have to change, directions turned, options must be multiplied and mercy must be on everyones agenda. Mercy, no more, it's enough, now we must mend and start again.
If that doesn't happend, people lose faith. So for instance in Brussels, like in Paris last year and Denmark some time ago, people are gathering to support eachother, normal life goes on, it has to, but no one is left alone with their fears and sorrow. One person can't be forever strong, but many together can be.
Thats the kind of truth you learn only from experience and that's just what we see right now!

And, may I say, it seems that the enemyside is very strong and powerful and will not rest either.
What if that's because they don't have so much time to live normally, think normal thoughts, chat and laugh over a piece of pie, enjoy love and friendship, care for family and neighbours, listen to the birds and bumblebees.or watch the fish turn and splash in the lake.

When evil is working it's way with ordinary boys and girls, men and women, it can't afford to much of that, you need to focus on your mission, your mind must be set right. Or so I believe.
When Good and Love is working it's way it's absolutely neccesary to add the amazement and joy.
Living a normal life where weakness, love and suffering is something shared, you have the utmost and greatest advantage before evil. The seemingly weak love is overwhelmingly strong when needed.
At home, we read Harry Potter and we learn that the only thing that could weaken the evil Voldemort was that unselfish, sacrificing love. it's a fairytale, but like most fairytales based on truth and wisdom.

We won't bend to evil. We refuse to stop living normally. We refuse the indifference towards others suffering. We wan't to hear birds, not warplanes. We wan't to hear the voices of our loved-ones, not commands yelled out in our faces. And we need support and kindness when we are in need just as we need to be strong when others suffer. Can a coach give us that kind of strenght? I can think of one..

Easter speaks of weakness, failure, cruelty and suffering, but also about hope, light and comfort.
And above all, we won't bend to evil, it can't win. Ever. My coach told me so. Because his commitment is lifelong. And free.

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