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tisdag 22 mars 2016

The light of easter and the darkness of the world


I went almost as far as the woods today, just to see the springflowers. I dared not go through the gates but I saw enough. Easter brings us light and God knows that we need it.
I met an older lady and spoke about personal losses and how long it takes to get back to life. Walking everyday takes your mind of things, seeing everything bursting through the soil in the sunlight is somewhat comforting.
This week is the real passiontime in church, Goodfriday coming up and then the joyous easterday.
With the very recent events in Brussels today, there must be said on or two things about this darkness.
It will do nobody any good trying to wipe out darkness by killing the enemy. Both sides believe they have a light and right order to defend, there will never be any real solution in this. Shorttermed solutions, yes, saving lives, yes, restoring peace, yes. But it comes back, doesn't it?
I know it sounds naive, and so it is, but I can't think differently.

I know, we have to defend ourselves, it's important. But still.
We can't bomb away this. A man said on the news this morning that it will make no difference in the long run, how many buildings or other goals we manage to blow up, this is a question of belief.
It's ideological, religious perhaps, but it has to be reasoned with. We need to come in contact with eachother to see what goes on in the other persons mind and heart. I know that you sometimes need to use violence because of a threat, but we need to understand the reasoning behind it. The persons.
We see much happening today, not only terroristattacks, that seem to have a reasoning we don't understand. If that reasoning seem harmful, we have to speak up. For everybodies sake.

The message of easter is that nobody has to fight for any kingdom, it's moving anyway, nobody has to prove his or hers value in terms of neither violence or the right kind of piety. Nobody should be in doubt when it comes to being loved, everyone of us has a value, a mission, a right to be and take part.
Evil can't win, but it does hurt us, everyone gets hurt  so, everybody can use support and comfort. We all have the ability to chose right.
In the ever brightening sunlight of spring we see life emerging, life is stronger because love is stronger.
Love , if anything, is what needs to be protected, not borders or religious beliefs or political standards.
In love lies also the concern for the one. Nobody left out, everybodys voice be heard, every need tended to, without force.
Yes, I'm scared and concerned by this, but I still believe there has to be ways to reach behind and see how much greater things we already have and much greater to come. And that none of it can be taken by force, it can only be given out of love. And love can never be reached in violence, but given when needed.
And there I go, preaching. Couldn't leave it, could you? No, seeing the wonders and beauty of life and knowing that the only way to preserve it is by loving it, I can't keep quiet.

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