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måndag 7 mars 2016

Gone for a walkabout

As I went for my daily walk in the sunshine, finally the sun was back, I asked my husband if he remembered Crocodile Dundee. Not to be forgotten very easily, I know.
Right now, I'm no Dundee, I walk a few hundred meters with my crutches, and that's it.
Since it's still hard for me to go to church and sit for an hour or so, I watch the sunday sermon on tv.
Yesterday it was from an orthodox congregation, serbien, and everything was different. I'm sure you have slipped in to a greek church when on holiday. Sunday mass is nothing like what we are used to.
In our church, we are staying put. The greeks don't, neither did the serbiens. The priest explained that there are no chairs because Gods people are a walking people, we are wanderers on our way to the heavenly Kingdom. And so people come and go. They even go out and take a cup of coffee or a smoke and then go in again. In Greece, that is. On tv you could only see people moving around.
I like that image, wanderers but never alone.
When Mick Dundee went for his walkabouts he went alone. Adventurers go alone, walking, climbing.
Not a very good idea.

People are going on pilgrimage, visiting monasteries or other holy places, mostly in groups.
When I was a teenager I couldn't find any interest in sports so I walked, for miles. I walked alone so I guess I was something of a Dundee but in the city.
When we married, my husband and I agreed on a honeymoontrip far away from pleasant beaches and swimmingpools. Waterfalls was another story however, we took a walkingtrip to one of the greek islands. We were not ALL that adventurous, it was a wellprepared trip, a package.
Our guide was a slim, brisk girl named Felicia, who knew every stone and tree along the way.
We actually thought we were in good shape, wich was hardly the case.
The first day I fainted, the sun boiling my brain in the silly sunhat I was wearing. So, more water, less speed and absolutely no sunhat!

Still, we enjoyed this trip a lot, the route was beautiful, and we learned a lot. For instance we learned all about laurel, it is actually poisonus, and wile standing in a creek with a stunning waterfall, she told us a story of soldiers being tricked into cutting sticks of laurel for their hotdogs, then dying after the meal!
She also told us about the original potatoeplant, solanum, and yes, also poisonous!
Everyday we carried a lunchbag with us, one day we had canned octopus. The leftovers were packed in my bag, but we forgot to close the tins properly so the smell of canned octopus is quite overwhelming in once bag actually!

One day we went through the woods and saw some furry insects hanging about in the air, we thought they looked rather cute and harmless until Felicia told us they were the most, yes again, poisonous wasps on the island! That day, when we had our lunch on the beach, a pack of these furry little things actually ate the ham we brought for our sandwiches! Cute.
As I said, we were in good shape or so we thought until the day we were doing some rather steep climbing , the path was narrow and the day was hot so we huffed and puffed.
Did I mention the others in our team? Did I mention the two ladies in their mid70ies?
I will now. As we were constantly slowing down in pace they raced passed us, discussing the very important issue of grandchildren. Need I say they reached the top long before we did?
Anyway, walking is a pleasant way of transporting yourself if it is volontary. If it's not, like the ones you have to endure in the army or the ones thousands of people must endure through Europe right now,
I suppose there is nothing charming about it.

But still, Jesus and his disciples walked a great distance, as did Paul and others to come. Walking, alone or in company gives you an opportunity to think and contemplate. Things are going too fast today, those of us who have an option need to take a chance of slowing down, walking is good.
As soon as my hip is back on line and my leg is following orders again, you'll see me walking again, not for a walkabout perhaps, but far enough for a good thinking!

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